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What is Gameplan Baseball? - Gameplan Baseball is the ultimate Baseball Simulation Game. It is an interactive simulation of Major League Baseball, designed and run by Danny McConnell. You are the manager of a Major League team, competing in a league against other players throughout the world. Most of our leagues have been running for over ten years. 

How Does It Work? - In Gameplan Baseball you are the manager of a Major League ball-club. You take your team through a 162 game regular season, play-by-play, inning-by-inning. If you’re good enough and qualify for the playoffs you continue and try to reach and win the World Series.

Is it "Fantasy Baseball"? - No. The two could be called "distant cousins". Gameplan Baseball is a true management game, where you have far more control over your team, and far more decisions to make. In a fantasy game you simply follow real-life performances and watch players accumulate statistics. 

In Gameplan Baseball you decide which lineup to put out for each game, and when to bring pitchers in from the bullpen. Your team plays every game of its 162 game season, game-by-game, inning-by-inning. You develop players from the minor leagues, make trades, sign free agents, and all other elements of managing a big league ball club.

Who Are My Opponents? - You aren't playing against a computer, you're playing against other people. At the same time as you're making all the decisions about what your team is going to do, so are all of the other managers in your league about their teams. So the results are decided on what everyone does. Week-in, week-out, you're trying to outmanage all of your competitors. Just like real-life.

How Are Games Decided? - Each game is played at-bat by at-bat, innings by innings. You decide on your batting lineup, and when to change it. You choose when to use pinch hitters, and whether to use platoons for left and right handed hitters. You decide on your pitching rotation, and when you'll bring in a pitcher from the bullpen, and when you do, which pitcher to bring in.

How Are Players Rated? - Position Players are rated for Hitting, Power, Speed and Fielding, Pitchers are rated for Accuracy, Control, Quickness and Stamina. Experience is important, as are form, fatigue and injuries. You have details about your players and how good they are, but you still have to make judgment calls about who to play and when to play them, just the same as real-life managers.

What If I Want Better Players? - Gameplan Baseball works the same way as in real life. You can promote players from the minors, make trades and sign free agents. You’ve injuries to contend with, as well as players losing form, and even players' wage demands. You even make decisions about improving stadiums and facilities, to increase your team's income and allow you to pay the wages of better players.

How Often Does the Game Run? - Gameplan Baseball runs all year round. Each round of games (known as a "turn") is normally played every two weeks. Normally each round covers nine games, and the two week gap gives you plenty of time for planning and analysis. Two weeks between turns might seem a long time, but you'll find you want all of the time for planning and analysis. If you find it's too long to wait, you can always join a second league!

How Do I Play? - Gameplan Baseball is a game which you play over the Internet, or by post ("snail-mail") if you prefer, against other players throughout the world. You make all of your plans and decisions at home, send them to us via our interactive website or by mail by deadline set by us. 

On the deadline day we input the orders from all of the managers in your league, the games are run, we send you back all of the results and information you need. All of your instructions are submitted on a special, easy-to-complete, form we send you.

Most people use the Internet to send their orders and receive results, but at the most basic level, all you need to play is a pen and paper, plus an envelope and stamp. You can work out your plans for the game in your armchair, on the train, at your desk, or even (in one reported case) in the bath!

What Game Reports do I Get? - The game-results are sent to you by email or by post. Normally you receive a dozen or so pages of team reports (details of your players, injuries, stats and so forth), game reports (play-by-play and box-scores from every game played by your team), results from all the games played in your league that turn, standings, player movements, statistics and so forth as well as any league news.

What Happens at the End of the Season? - Just as in real-life, one season moves on to the next. Gameplan Baseball runs all year round, so one season flows straight into the next (you don't have to wait five months whilst the game hibernates) but you'll face a new set of challenges. Your veteran players are a year older (perhaps even having retired), and their skills might have started to decline (though their wage demands probably won't) whilst your younger players will generally improve, converting potential into better skills. You have to continually tweak and evolve your team during the season and between seasons.

How Do I Join? - Click on the link below and you'll find details of how to join. We have leagues already up-and-running, many of them having played more than ten seasons, so any new managers can join straight away. Just as in real-life you take over a ball-club, lock, stock and barrel and you sink or swim according to your own skill and management decisions. We'll send your team details and the rules so you can start playing immediately.

Can You Tell me More? - If you're not convinced yet, then have a look at www.gbspn.com. This is a website which is not run by us, but is run by players of the game for other players of the game. Anything that appears there is down to them, but it clearly illustrates their enthusiasm for the game. Many of them having been playing the game since it started over ten years ago.

Do You Run Other Games? - Gameplan Baseball is only one of the North American Sports Games we can offer - we also have American Football, Ice Hockey and Basketball as well as many other sports games and wargames. We've been designing and running these games for over fifteen years, before the Internet appeared - in the early days, everything was done by post ("snail mail"). 

What Do I Do Next? - Click here for more detailed information about Gameplan Baseball and how to join.


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